the Silent Scream

She was crouched in a corner by the stairs. Blood trickled down the bridge of her nose and hot coffee dripped from her hair onto her nightgown. He stood over her. Cussing her, and calling her all sort of vile names. "You're a real bitch Sal!" "No good for nothing! "Whore, a cheating whore!" "Who is he?" "With you it could be anybody!" This had been going on for a couple of hours. It seemed like it lasted a lifetime. Maybe it had.

She crouched in her corner her hand covered her swollen face as she sat there crying. Trying her best to block it out. Right then she wished that she had a name to give him. She wished she had a hundred names to tell. She even thought of making up a few but she wouldn't, couldn't give him that satisfaction. She'd never cheated on him. For God's sake with five kids and him to deal with who would have her. It was almost funny in a sick kind of way, when would she ever find the time?

"You bitch, quit crying!" "I should shut you up for good!" "I'm sick of listening to you." Yeah, she thought, she was sick of it too. So very tired of it all. Today had been one of the worst in a long time. Besides the usual slaps and pushes she had taken a beer bottle across her face. She was surprised that there wasn't much blood and the bottle hadn't broken, an odd thought at a time like this. To top it off he had poured the coffee pot over her head. She tried to run but only made it to the corner by the stairway near the front door.

He was quiet for a few minutes. The silence was screamingly loud. So loud that it made Sally look up. At first she felt faint. She tried to adjust her gaze, to focus. She couldn't believe her eyes. He stood there in front of her pointing his old twenty-two revolver at her face. She stared at the gun, this was new. He'd threatened to kill her so many times but bringing a gun into the mix, well this was new. Slowly she raised her gaze to meet his.

Time stood still. It was like slow motion. Time in a vacumn. She slumped back, her wet hair sticking to her face. She could taste the blood from her nose. She looked him in the face. Not the eyes, no, she never looked him in the eyes. But she did take a good look at his face, all flushed and out of breath.

Then she hears this voice. Where was it coming from, could it be hers? In the stark silence the voice came so soft and low. Two simple words, "Do it". A little louder this time, "Do it". Something happened in those few moments. Something shifted. Something inside of her changed. She knew in that instant that she would never be the same.

In those few moments that stood still in time her life completely shifted and forever changed who she was. Some part of her died. And she didn't care, not at all.

Down the hallway the coat closet was open just a crack. And if someone had bothered to look they would have seen the beautiful blue eye of a child peeking out at the scene that had unfolded before her. Slowly, ever so, the closet door closed. The little girl laid down and went to sleep.

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