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Welcome to my Prayer Book!
Please enter your prayer requests by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
God does hear and answer prayer!! These requests are ernestly prayed for.

Heavy heart full of pain,
Tears stream across my cheek,
Lord I need your healing rain,
Lord I am strong but I am weak,

I sit here alone,
The world is moving around me,
I bow before your throne,
Lord help me to see,

I sing of your love and joy,
I wait for awhile,
satan tries to come in and destroy,
You remind me he is a slimy reptile,

I lay down before you,
Lord I need your healing rain,
You take me to a place with a refreshing wind and bamboo,
I am your strength and rock you explain,

You show me things to come,
You refresh my eyes and heart,
My heart beats like a wild drum,
Child you tell me we are never apart,

You dig down deep inside,
Lord you turn my little faith to a flame,
Bursting with hope for the next joyride,
Child do not feel at shame,

We all fall down and stumble,
We all slip up and get lost,
Some days we laugh some we grumble,
Some days we need to defrost,

The lord then takes my hand,
He tells me listen and I will hear him,
Get up take a stand,
When the light seems to be so dim,

Open you eyes again,
Feel the my peace and healing rain,
For I have cleansed you of your sin,
I have taken away your pain,

I go to my bed for the night,
I love you father, friend,and lord of my life,
I whisper I love you as I see the moon light,
I close my eyes my heart full of peace and no strife.

by Alyssa Blackburn @copy

All graphics @copy Christian Ministries/graphics