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I love Hammonds! All things Hammond, his amazing electric clocks and his ingenious organs. He started making some of the best electric clocks in the 1930's. They are still some of the most collectable clocks today some fetching hundreds of dollars.

The same thing can be said about his wonderful organs. His infamous "B3" model is still in demand today. They can cost into the thousands of dollars for one in mint condition. Thankfully he made different models, makeing it possible for the middle class consumer to purchase one for the home.

Mr. Laurens Hammonds was born in 1895. He was well educated and served in the military during the first world war. Having a hand in inventing the infrared devices for the guided missles.

But I digress. In the late 1920's Hammond developed a synchronous electric motor that allowed him to make a "tickless" electric clock. The clocks were unique in that you had to "start" them. After plugging them in and setting the time you turned a little wheel on the back and this started the motor for the clock.

The clocks were make thru the late 1920's up into the early 1940's. His synchronous electric motor was used in a vast array of styles of time pieces. From art deco, traditional, and sometimes the absurd!! You can find his clocks made of marble, glass, and onyx. These are my favorites. Many other styles of wooden ones and those made of "bakelite", an early form of plastic are also very collectable.

Mr. Hammond soon turned his sights to the world of music. Buying an old piano and removing everything except the keys. Using his "synchronous" motor and expanding on it he invented what is called the "tone wheel generator"

With all his previous manufacturing and engineering experience, the tonewheel generator was incredibly well engineered by the time the organ finally went into production. The number of tonewheel organs still in regular use is a testament in itself to the quality of the original design and execution of the product.

Without further ado I present to you my collection of Hammond clocks!

Onyx~Marble~Glass Models
I must say that these and the metal clocks are my favorites!

Hexagon Marble

Green Marble

White Onyx

White Marble

Metal Clocks

The Gloria


I Have No Idea

Wood Clocks

The Gothic

The Hawthorne Mantel

The Chancellor

The Cavalier

My Falcon
A small mantel style alarm clock.
Quite cute.

My Como

My Federal

My Mentor

The Tripoli

Bakelite (plastic) Models

The Gregory

The Beacon

Wall Clocks

My Stewardess

My Egg Timer
3 4
5 6

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